Letter to Barack Obama about Social Security Benefits

To: Barack Obama, President of the United States

E-mail sent:
February 10, 2014

For over 10 years now, the U.S. Government has refused to pay me my social security old-age benefits.

This refusal is in direct violation of the U.S. Law on Social Security, which contains no political qualifications for receiving one’s old-age benefits. These actions are in violation of the U.S. Constitution (14th Amendment), which forbids the government to deprive an individual of his property “without due process of law.”

The U.S. Government’s Social Security Administration has acknowledged that I meet all the qualifications to receive my old-age benefits and that I have filled out and submitted all the required forms.

In spite of my repeated requests, neither the Social Security Administration nor the U.S. Embassy in Moscow nor anyone else in the U.S. Government has provided an “explanation” as to why I am being denied my social security benefits.

My old-age benefits are not a gift. They derive from the substantial sums that were deducted – directly and indirectly – from my paychecks during all the years I lived and worked in the U.S.

What is happening is a case of out-and-out thievery.

The U.S. Government blatantly violated my human, legal and constitutional rights by conducting a terror campaign that forced me to leave my country and obtain political exile abroad. (See our book “Silent Terror: One family’s history of political persecution in the United States – https://arnoldlockshin.wordpress.com)

For the past decade, this same Government has further violated my rights by stealing my Social Security old-age benefits.

All this proves once again that the only law that counts in the United States of America is the Law of the Jungle.

Arnold Lockshin

This and an identical message to the US Embassy in Moscow sent repeatedly. Never a reply.

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